Close this browser window and go do that thing that you’re scared to do

I think that as entrepreneurs, we are too easily distracted by the noise on the internet. We are addicted to learning, to improving the process, and to hacking the system wherever we can. We have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. We are stretched beyond our comfort zones, forced to tackle things we have never done before—because we have to. Because when you’re committed to something—truly, deeply committed, like small business owners must be—failure simply isn’t an option.

So when we don’t know, we look for someone who does. And when we’re scared about our abilities, unsure that we really have what it takes, and we feel like impostors standing in for the real guy, we head to our laptops, our cell phones, our tablets, and we ask the internet for permission. For permission to start. For permission to make the move. For permission to be great. After all, it’s much easier to sign up for a webinar on how to make 6 figures a year than it is to go out into this world, feet to the pavement, nose to the grindstone, heart beating in your chest, and make those calls that actually get you there.

This is your reminder to stop. To close the browser, replace your fear with courage, and start now. [Click to tweet]

In this moment. Before you’re ready. Before you sign up for any more courses, webinars, Google hangouts, coaching calls, telesummits, or mastermind groups. Before you download any more books. Before you numb yourself further with your Facebook feed.

Go now. Right now. Right here. You are enough. 

You’ve built your whole damn business on figuring it out. Don’t stop now. You’ve got this.

And when you’ve conquered that fear, I want to know how it goes.

Go bravely,

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Tell me in the comments below, what are you avoiding in your life by reading this post? What big, brave idea have you been sitting on, waiting, hoping—and secretly fearing—that you’ll get permission to work on? 



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