Stop hesitating in your business

I know you’ve got a reason for hesitating. You probably think that it’s a damn good one too. You’re “being strategic.” You’re “waiting for the money to come.” You’re “taking care of your clients.” You’re “starting a new course that’s going to teach you how.” You “need to ask your mastermind group.” But I’m here to tell you—not so gently today—that you’re wrong.

Whatever reason you think you have for hesitating in your business, it ain’t that.

I bet if you look in the mirror and really ask yourself honestly why you refuse to move forward, you’ll find it’s something a whole lot deeper. Something more sinister. Something much harder to swallow.

So what is this resistance really about?


Fear that you’re a fraud. Fear that you aren’t good enough. Fear that you’ll be judged, criticized, burned at the stake. Fear that you don’t deserve it. Fear that you’ll fail. Fear that you’ll succeed. Fear that they’ll start to notice you. Fear that you’ll burn brighter than all the neon on the Vegas strip, baby. Fear that you’re so fucking awesome you won’t be able to hide anymore.

The thing is, you really are that awesome. You really are that capable. You really are that inspiring. And you really are good enough exactly as you are. I know it. It’s about time you did too.

Not enough to motivate you to act? It will be when you realize this:

You’re not just hurting yourself when you hesitate in business; you’re hurting your customers too. [Tweet this.]

When you don’t move forward in your business, neither do your people. You’re creating a bottleneck that clogs up the lives of everyone you could be helping.

Picture this. You’re walking on the crowded sidewalks of Manhattan. New York City is alive, as it always is, with people walking as if there’s a burning fire lit underneath them. Feet pounding the pavement, the clicking of high heels, the flopping of flips. Everyone has a place to go, and they need to get there now. You’re caught up in the rushing current, being propelled forward like a subway train moving swiftly down the track. Suddenly you realize you’re not sure if you’re supposed to go right or left here. Is Times Square this way? Or is it over there? Your head whirls. You start to panic. You stop.

What happens? The guy behind you bumps into your back (and probably shakes his fist and hurls some curse words your way to emphasize his frustration). The girl behind him has to stop too. And the man behind him. Without realizing it, you’ve caused a mini pedestrian traffic pile-up all because you hesitated. Nobody else can move forward because you can’t.

A similar thing happens in your business. If you’re waiting to launch that new service; that new course; that big, brave thing until you feel ready, you’re unwittingly causing a ripple effect. You’re keeping everyone else in the same place when you could be guiding them forward.

So I want you to notice that fear when it rears its ugly face. I want you to look it dead in the eye and say, “Thanks for stopping by, but you can’t stay here.” Then I want you to book its ass on a cross-continental flight because there’s no damn room for it in your business.

Go bravely,

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Tell me what you’re afraid of and—more importantly—what you’re going to do about it in the comments below.



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