Luck is an illusion

A feel-good kind of illusion, but an illusion nonetheless. And the tricky thing about illusions is they only hold you back.

In the past six months of business, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to a number of remarkable entrepreneurs whom I’ve had fangirl crushes on for years, including Chris Guillebeau, Nathalie Lussier, Erika Lyremark, and Denise Duffield-Thomas. Now, do you think any of these people got internet famous and made millions of dollars because they relied on luck alone?

Or do you think it’s because they went all in, hustling instead of hoping and deep diving instead of dipping toes? I’d be willing to bet my ass on the second one. (And I take my ass very seriously. It’s the only thing to do when you’ve got more curves than a spiral staircase. Don’t stare for too long, they’ll make you dizzy!)

While you should never make luck your business plan, it is a magical way to supplement your strategy. Whether you call it “the law of attraction” or “manifesting” or “visualization,” it’s hard to ignore the stories of people who have invited luck into their lives and seen extraordinary results—myself included.

Before I started Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp earlier this year, I was making $1,400 a month in my copywriting business. And that, my friends, was a good month. There were times it dipped down to $1,100 or $1,200. I needed a miracle. I found it in Denise.

One of the first challenges I gave myself was to set a monthly income goal of $5,000. I physically shook when I wrote it on the whiteboard in my office. $5,000. $5,000. $5,000. It felt like it was mocking me. (Rude.) Then I made a comprehensive list of the ways I could actually achieve it. (I live for lists. Seriously, the Sharpie and Post-it people, you should both call me. I can be bought. You too can help me reach my revenue goals!)

We both know how this story ends. The month I focused on $5,000, I blew all of my previous months out of the water. It was like fireworks, baby.

So I set another goal: to bring in $533.32. In the next 4 hours. I was pretty sure being this specific was a great way to “catch” the universe in a slip-up. Except the universe caught me instead. I made it to the penny, you guys. I was definitely one lucky bitch.

My final challenge to the universe? A trip to Off The Charts Live in New York City: airfare, an apartment to stay in, the cost of the ticket and extra money for food and cabs while I was there. Not only did the universe deliver, but in New York it also hooked me up with a group of 10 amazing online business experts with whom I am creating an electrifying 30-day event. (More on that later.)

It became abundantly clear (and I mean this literally—money in the bank abundance) that the universe had my back. And now I have yours. At Midnight EST time TONIGHT, the price for the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp that changed my life and bank account permanently goes up by $300.

I can honestly tell you that whatever Denise charges for this course, it’s worth it. (And I happen to think she is undercharging.) There are countless entrepreneurs who have made their money back almost immediately, including myself and Nathalie Lussier. (That’s right. Nathalie Lussier is a Lucky Bitch alumn.)

Worried you’re too busy to fit yet another course into your life? Nathalie Lussier publicly praised Denise’s ability to turn each lesson into a tiny, happy one: “Denise is a true gem; she’s able to take all of the money mindset and manifestation theories that you might have heard before but dismissed because they weren’t for you…and turn them into quick excercises that can fit into any busy schedule.” And with Nathalie creating her new program and holding Off the Charts Live while simultaneously moving to Texas, that’s one busy entrepreneur!

You can’t get to the top in your business by being lucky; it requires tangible action on your part. That’s one of the reasons I love this course. It isn’t you sitting in your room, waiting for the stars to align and the heavens to shower you with riches. It’s about putting on your big girl pants and making it happen. And becoming an official Lucky Bitch is a very real way to do it.

Ready to claim your riches? Go ahead and get lucky.

Go bravely,

Lauren Vanessa Zink



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