You never know when someone needs you

Today I celebrated a big win—my biggest month in business yet. It comes in the heels of not one, not two, but three 4-figure days (my first ever!), the 30-Day Supercharge Your Business Challenge, and investing in private 1:1 coaching (sit tight for the details on that, because this is its own story). The truth is, it didn’t come easy. It wasn’t effortless. It took drive and hustle and a bit of magic too.

I am learning about the importance of celebrating your wins, not just for yourself but also for the people that NEED to hear them. I always encourage my clients to share them with their friends, their customers and the world at large—because you never know when someone needs you.

With this in mind, I shared my story tonight on Facebook. Actually, I had to work through my own fear to do this. What was I afraid of exactly? That people would find it braggy or self-promotey or pompous. I was afraid I would get kicked out of every Facebook group I’m in by the group administrators or Mark Zuckerberg himself. I was afraid my parents would see it and then tell me to take it down because “talking about money is tacky.”

But I did it anyway. And I’m glad I did. Because while getting “congratulations” is nice, it’s what I GAVE that made the real difference. This post has only been up for less than an hour, and already the comments are pouring in. Complete strangers are sending me personal thank you messages and telling me they found it inspirational. One woman’s comment about her own struggle with self-doubt made me cry at my keyboard. So I want to share it all with you here. Because maybe tonight YOU’RE the one who needs the strength to keep going. Maybe you’re the one who’s being eaten alive by fear or doubt or envy or depression, and you just need someone to tell you that you can get through it.

So I’m going to copy and paste it for you here—the original post and my reply to the woman who needed me—in the hopes that if this is the medicine you need, you get it now.

Tiny, Happy Empire’s doors have been open for less than a year, but already I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished. I have:

• Invested in myself over and over again. That includes B-School and private coaching. It means that even though I may make money, it always gets funneled back into the business. This practice requires sacrifice, but it is what allows me to grow.

• Been featured as an expert in Supercharge Your Business, a 30-day online program that helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their game to the next level

• Landed on the cover of a women’s business magazine (and snagged the feature story)

• Socialized and strategized with some of the smartest and strongest small business owners I’ve ever met at Off The Charts in NYC

• Had one of my business mentors (who makes 7 figures a year!) reach out to me for her sales copy

• Served more than 500 entrepreneurs 1:1

• And this month, made $7,097 in my business

I know that I’m only beginning and that compared to some of the online marketers out there, this might seem like a tiny (happy) amount, but to me it’s a miracle. This whole year has been a miracle, and it isn’t even over yet!

I don’t know what happens next, and honestly, I’m a little freaked out by the possibilities. But I trust in the journey, and I trust in the work that it takes to get there.

So if you’re reading this and you’re wondering if what you want is even possible, I’m here to tell you that it is – and, not only that, it’s INEVITABLE if you show up, keep the faith and do the work.

I believe in you. And if I can help, let me know. It’s yours for the taking.

And the reply to the woman who needed it.

When I started my business, I had hope (not faith) that I could get here. I wasn’t sure how long it would take or how I would do it, but I knew that I WANTED it. That kept me going.

I looked around B-School and saw the brilliant, inspiring people in our community who were moving and shaking, changing the world and making money at the same time. And that kept me going.

I spent years of my life working for other people who got to decide how I spent my time and what I could (and could not) contribute to humanity. I made a promise to myself that I would never again take jobs like that. And that kept me going.

I made friends with like-minded entrepreneurs who were going the places I wanted to go and doing the things that I wanted to do, because I need those models in my life to feel like things are possible for me. And that kept me going.

I saw that the things I was writing and the words that I was speaking actually DID change things for people—not just for their businesses, but for THEM, on a soul level. Once I discovered that, that kept me going too.

Was there doubt? Absolutely. And its nasty cousins fear and shame and confusion. All of them. But you have to remember that they are temporary. Whatever gift you have to give to the world, that’s eternal. That’s your truth, and no amount of doubt or fear or shame or confusion can take that away from you.

Was there a turning point on my own path from there to here? I wouldn’t say it like that. Instead I’d say there were a million turning points—decisions I had to make over and over to recommit to myself and what I wanted to do and be and have.

The struggle is normal, my love. You just have to choose to see it through. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO SEE IT THROUGH. And you owe it to the world to see it through too. Because as Marie Forleo says at the end of every one of her videos, “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

So be brave. Call upon that courage and let it pull you forward—one tiny, happy step at a time.

You, dear reader, the one who has made it all the way down to the bottom of this post—whatever you did that might inspire someone else…

Go. Tell it on the mountain.

Because your story might just be the one that a struggling entrepreneur in the country next door had to hear in that moment in order to summon the strength to keep going.

Go bravely,

Lauren Vanessa Zink



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