Success is simple, really

You may remember that September was my biggest month in business yet. I clocked in at $7,097!! Some people reading this probably make a lot more than that every month, but I’d venture to guess most of us don’t. To me, that amount was a total miracle. Several of you sent me messages and requests for meetings because you wanted to know if I could show how you to do the same with your business. I was happy to talk with you guys, and I’ve kept 5 spots open on my calendar next week to do just that. But while 1:1’s are great, they limit the number of people I can help. So I decided to reveal exactly how I hit that number. But first, what’s amazing is what I DIDN’T do to get there. You may be surprised to learn that I:

:: didn’t release any new big product. (I’m a service-based business exclusively at the moment.)

:: didn’t run Facebook ads.

:: didn’t email my list.

:: didn’t record any videos.

:: didn’t launch a social media campaign.

:: didn’t hire a team to support me in any promotional activities. (I’m a solo act.)

:: didn’t host a webinar.

:: didn’t sit at home and map out marketing strategies.

I could write a page on the things I didn’t do, but the list of what I did is much, much shorter. Ultimately, it all came down to this: I helped people, and I did good work. And then the people I helped told people about that work. And then those people told other people about that work. And before I knew it, I was booked completely solid.

That’s it. No gimmicks. No magic. Just damn good work, served hot and fresh from a place of love.

You CAN have your own biggest month in business. You CAN make more money than you expect. You CAN serve those people you are meant to serve.

Just do good work, baby.

(And if you still want to go 1:1 with me, I’m saving some room for you.)

Go bravely,

Lauren Vanessa Zink



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