A Manifesto For Brave Entrepreneurs Everywhere

I got this. No, REALLY, I got this.

Failure doesn’t frighten me. It fuels me.

Where others say “no,” I say “how?”

I can move mountains. (And climb them too.)

I never hold in my genius because I’m worried what others will think.

I don’t compare myself to the competition. I AM the competition.

It’d be easy for me to run circles around you, but I won’t. I choose to help you run on your own instead.

When I act courageously, I give others permission to do the same.

I surround myself with the people and habits that support my bravery, not detract from it.

I invest in those incredible, feel-it-in-my-soul, makes-my-heart-go-pitter-patter, it’s-going-to-change-my-business-forever kind of offers (and figure out how to pay for it later). Because I deserve it. Because my business deserves it. Because my customers deserve it.

I believe leaps of faith are a very sexy mode of transportation.

Where there is insecurity, I will kiss it gently on its forehead and tell it to take a fucking hike.

The world is my playground.

Bravery is a way of life, baby, and I’m living it every damn day.

You won’t believe what I’m capable of.

Go bravely.



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