Pass The Champagne. It’s Time To Celebrate.

Who would like to celebrate with me? Yesterday I launched my VERY FIRST digital product! I had been thinking about doing it for just shy of 10 months. I wrote it down on my to-do list. “Today I’ll make it. Tomorrow I’ll make it. Saturday I’ll make it. Next week, I swear I will set aside the time to make it.” And then, inevitably, I would focus on something else instead.

It’s always easier to avoid doing a magnificent thing. The thing that could change your life for the better. The thing that makes you vulnerable or opens you up to criticism. The thing that there’s no coming back from.

It’s always easier to play small, allowing yourself to live up to your excuses. “I don’t have time. My clients need my full attention. When I have more money, I’ll hire a team who can help me do a better job. It’s not a good time to launch anything right now. I don’t have enough experience in this industry yet. That person over there has a similar thing, so there’s no need for me to make one too.” And on and on and on it goes, as we list all of the bogus reasons that we can’t do it, until we start to believe them. Until they’re the only voices we hear. Until we’ve talked ourselves out of it completely and we sit stuck, in the same place we were when we started.

We lose sight of the people out there who might NEED the thing that we have within us. We forget that it isn’t about us at all.

Not really.

It’s about them.

If you’ve been sitting on that big idea of yours, be brave. Be brave when that icky feeling of doubt creeps up. Be brave when you get your first hater. Be brave when you struggle or hesitate to push the “publish” button. Be brave when your mouth gets dry, your stage fright sets in or your ego takes hold. Be brave, be brave, be brave and do it anyway.

And if you’d like to see the thing I made, it’s here. Go make yours!



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