The epidemic happening in entrepreneurship

I’m seeing an epidemic in my friends who have online businesses.

They’re working until midnight, up again at 7 AM, and on their phone at every social event. They’re exhausted. Their eyes are red. They’re gaining the Entrepreneur version of the Freshman 15. They’re spending every dollar they earn back on their business. They don’t take vacation, and if they do, it’s a working one. Their business becomes their identity, and it’s impossible to separate the two.

This isn’t just new online business owners. It’s almost every business owner I know — from the ones earning $1,000 a month to those hitting $1M launches.

And they wind up in the hospital with exhaustion. They have miscarriages. They have heart attacks. And sometimes, they kill themselves.

Yet, so many people are selling the dream of “freedom.”

Is this the dream you signed up for?

I, for one, am totally done with that noise.

Here’s what I’m changing. If it moves you, maybe you’ll consider changing it too:

No more Facebook, Facebook messenger, or even email on my phone. (Did you know you can delete the email app from your phone? You can.)

No more working past 5 PM Pacific.

No more Fridays, nights, weekends or holidays.

No more teeny, tiny take-home pay because I’ve given every dollar I have to getting to the next level.

Limited clients.

48-hour response time during the business week for all emails and messages.

And no more putting my life on hold to run a business.

I feel blessed to run a business, I really do. But you have to give priority to your life. Otherwise, what’s the point?





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