Don’t call me a copywriter

My four-year business anniversary is rapidly approaching, and it’s got me reflecting like a disco ball.

Who am I?

What am I building? 

Is this what I came here for?

Four years ago, people started calling me a “copywriter.” I get it. The human brain needs to categorize life in order to feel safe. You can’t fight programming like that.

Genus: Homo

Species: Sapien

Job title: Copywriter

And in many ways, that is what I do. I write copy.

Except, I am so much more than a copywriter.

And I bet you’re so much more than your job title too.

Here’s a list of descriptors that I feel fit me better: Creator. Writer. Inspirer. Leader. Hot piece of ass. Supergenius with a pen.

Can’t you picture the business cards now? Lauren Vanessa Zink. Supergenius with a pen. Call 555-5555 for a good time.

In the comments below, tell me. What would you rather be called?

P.S. The Sales Page Bootcamp starts live on Monday, September 18th. Click here for all the details.





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