The Bold Brand Voice Quiz is LIIIIIIVE *Dr. Frankenstein laugh*

It’s no secret that I’ve been wanting to test out a quiz as my opt-in for, like, ever. Partner that with the fact that many people who come to me for coaching + copywriting have NO IDEA how to find the right voice for their brand. They’re often trapped in the same writing patterns they picked up in corporate, and they can’t figure out how to integrate their full self into their copy.

Enter, the Bold Brand Voice Quiz.

I built this beauty on the Interact Quiz Platform (my first time using it), and I’ve got to say — it was hella easy. The only stumbling block I found was that in the sheer amount of copy you need to write in order to set up a quality Quiz funnel. For those among us who are considering setting up a quiz, let me break this down for you:

You need:

* The name of your quiz
* The copy for the landing page
* The actual questions you want your people to answer
* The quiz results (That’s the actual result and then a blurb explaining that result, if you’re counting)
* The copy that gets them to enter their email address to receive their quiz results
* Emails written and set up on the back end to deliver each of those results

Then, if you want to use this puppy and turn it into an actual living breathing funnel like I intend to, you need:

* An upsell from that quiz (This is going to be my messaging magic workshop)
* The sales page for that upsell
* A series of sales emails that go out to inspire your people to buy the dang thing
* Some kind of countdown timer sitch that gives them the incentive to purchase the tripwire now (It’s disappearing, the price goes up, a limited time bonus. P.S. Most people skip this step)

You can see how, “I’m going to put up a quiz” quickly morphs into, “I’m going to need to spend considerably more time thinking this through + building out every step than I anticipated.

Which is just a long-winded way of me saying, I still have to do the second part 😉

Without further ado, I present the shiny and new Bold Brand Voice Quiz. You should take it if you’ve ever wondered what makes you different than everyone else in your niche.

Check it out for yourself right here

Oh, and could you do me a favor? Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what you thought about the quiz. I want this to be the most incredible quiz you’ve ever taken, after all!




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