So you need some love + support, hey?

Let’s talk about what our team of creative geniuses can help you with:

  • Brand strategy
  • Content co-creation + planning
  • Creating an awesome customer journey & buyer experience
  • Ghostwriting, copywriting, and writing writing
  • Visibility + marketing consulting

Let’s talk about what our team can’t help you with:

  • Saving your business from the brink of destruction
  • Being 100% responsible for your success (sorry, I wish it worked like that! We’d sprinkle wealth + good vibes all over the globe if we could!)

Keep reading if:

>> You’re a woman coach who serves other women (Those are our clients who have the best results!)

>> It is SO time for a new website, a new message, a new future.

>> You’ve been sitting on your content until you experience that miracle moment of perfection. The problem is, that never seems to happen.

>> You’re so busy serving your clients that your blogs and newsletters are a distant memory. Plus, you’re not even sure that you’re doing them right.

>> You’re standing right on the edge of a business precipice. It might be new product or service offerings you’re trying to work through. Or a rebrand might be calling your name. Whatever it is, it’s tripping you up. You need help to draw it out of you and to shape it into something sellable.

>> Your conversion rates are sad—or maybe you don’t even know what they are! You’ve been wondering about the secrets behind money-making words and engagement-increasing copy, but you don’t want to buy a bunch of online courses to figure this out. You’d rather just go 1:1 with a team who gets it.

“From the moment I read a FB post written by Lauren, I knew this woman had such a special way with words. Her FB post  I ran across randomly actually made me reach out and message her privately because I had to know this woman who wrote such rich, vibrant, and inviting words. When I found out she wrote copy for a LIVING I thought, “Imagine what she could do for my business with that talent!”

The copy Lauren wrote for my business website was exquisite. She captured me so well in the snapshot of what I shared with her that when I read her finished copy I actually wondered if she had planted a mind-reading device in my brain and was able to read my actual thoughts. She wrote things that I thought and believed but yet I don’t know if I actually ever realized I thought or believed them until I read her words. And then I just thought to myself, “Yeah! She explains me way better than I could ever explain me! This is exactly who I am, only explained so much more clearly!” It’s amazing how a fabulous copywriter can bring out the most important parts of you for your audience to see.

Lauren is deep, insightful, caring, and connected to the process of what she creates for her clients and I am beyond delighted that I chose her to represent my words on my website. I recommend Lauren’s copywriting talent with highest regards to anyone looking for a copywriter who truly captures the essence, spirit, and vision of your business.” – Courtney Cope

“I’ve always done my own writing and copy for everything in my business. Part of the way I communicate and love up on my women is through my voice, my energy, and my words.

When I found Lauren, I knew I simply needed help taking all of my thoughts, ideas, and dreams for these women and putting them into an organized, linear story.  I had so much to stay, but I didn’t have the mental capacity to put it all together – that’s what I needed help with.  I needed someone who I trusted to hear my words and also be able to read between my words and FEEL my women in the same I do.  Lauren was able to really see and truly understand my tribe.  I didn’t have to explain anything to her. She just got it.  She was truly one of my people, so we immediately flowed and meshed together in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

I have always been so hesitant to trust anyone with my words.  I believed that I was the only one who could do this part of my business – but meeting Lauren changed that for me.  She was able to take all the love, beauty, hopes, and dreams I had in my head for my ideal clients and translate that into digestible and inspirational copy!  She nailed it – time and time again. Every time I read something she wrote for me, I found myself smiling, crying and nodding – in complete awe of how she simply “got” it.” – Julie Santiago


You CAN put out content + copy that’s inspirational, transformational, and profitable.

You CAN attract your dream clients.

You CAN do it all more effortlessly.

And we can help you do it.

Our team has worked with more than 500 business owners (including New York Times bestselling authors, celebrity make-up artists, high-level business coaches, marketing geniuses, sought-after health coaches and millionaire finance gurus), diving deep into their businesses and coming up for air with a clear vision of who they are and what their message is.

We’re not like everybody else. We only take on clients we think we can help.

We have our own special copywriting sauce, and it’s been known to get big-time results. We’ve termed what we do “transformational copy.” It’s a 3-fold approach that seduces + inspires + motivates your people to change their lives and take action. That’s why you got into business yourself—because you’re here to make the world better, just like we are. Together, it’s a powerful combination.

If you have a copywriting project, and you want to ask questions about the process, click on the teal button below to schedule a discovery session.

Your investment: Projects range between $1200 – $3000.

  • Sales pages = $1500
  • A series of 6 launch emails/autoresponders = $1200
  • Your home page, about page, work with me page, a short bio, opt-in box copy to get adoring fans on your email list, and tagline (most popular and hands-down our favorite) = $2500

All packages include:

  • Clarity workbook
  • 1 live 60-90-minute deep dive Skype call
  • Your first round of copy delivered in Google docs
  • One round of edits
  • A golden final draft

Our journey in 6 (ok, 7) tiny, happy steps

1. If you have a writing + consulting project you’d like our help on, let’s schedule a free 15-minute Skype date to discuss it.

2. We’ll send you a PayPal invoice where you can pay for our time together quickly and securely.

3. We’ll select our next available copywriting slot on the calendar, and we’ll send you the clarity workbook that allows us to get to get into your brain, the brain of your business, and the brain of your customer.

4. We’re doing it live! It’s one 60-minute Skype date for us to get to know you and your personality better. We might ask you to tell us a joke. We may do some Ideal Client exercises. If we have extra minutes, you can also use this time to ask us any hot hot heat questions about your business.

5. It’s time for our brains to take over. We’ll write ferociously and fearlessly for you, and you’ll receive your shiny, new copy in a Google doc around 10 business days later.

6. See anything you’d like to change? That’s ok. You get one round of revisions included.

Optional 7th step: We meet back up on Skype later with champagne to toast to your success. Confetti optional but strongly encouraged.

Ready to get started? Me too.

Let’s talk.