Tiny, Happy Resources

Daily Greatness Business Action Planner

How does a queen map out her world domination for 2016? She uses a planner. And being a stationery nerd, I’ve tried lots of them! The one I recommend the most? The Daily Greatness Business Planner.


  •  The 90-day challenge
  •  The color coding and gorgeous design
  •  The financial planning sequence
  •  Awesome for goal setting


  •  As a content producer, I would have loved to see more by way of managing social media and blogging
  •  I like to track my money daily, but this does track it weekly and in quarters

Overall? 9/10. Love it!

Want one of these beauties for your own? I am a tiny, happy affiliate of them.


calendlyMeet Calendly. It’s a perky little tool for scheduling consultations, meetings and coaching sessions with clients. You can integrate it with your website and turn browsers into buyers by capturing their contact information (hello, list building!) and inviting them to schedule consultations with you. It automatically knows your time zone, sends you reminders to reduce no-shows, and plays well with Google calendar.


001fbebbea252ca714ec434e57719449Ontraport is my newest business upgrade—and now that they include OntraPages (their version of Lead Pages) and have smaller package prices, it’s hard to justify not making the switch. You can set up your courses, sell your products, send your invoices, email your lists, automate your business, accept payment plans and manage all your affiliates in one place. Plus, you get two hours of implementation time with them, and their chat hours and help call line are open loooooong hours, so even if you’re not techy, you always have the advantage.

Denise Duffield-Thomas Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

bootcamp-logoThis one’s for the girls—mostly. My friend and mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp helped me go from earning $1,400 a month to $10k in 30 days. Along with Marie Forleo’s B-School, this is the course that changed everything for me. (And this one’s more affordable!) I used it to manifest the cost of Infusionsoft, B-School, Off The Charts Live in New York, a high-end business coach and even Invisalign braces. Lucky Bitches make more money, get out of debt quickly and have a stronger support system than unlucky bitches. If you’re going to be a bitch, you might as well be a Lucky Bitch.