Tiny, Happy Success Stories

Julie completely sold out her program!

“I’ve always done my own writing and copy for everything in my business. Part of the way I communicate and love up on my women is through my voice, my energy, and my words.

When I found Lauren, I knew I simply needed help taking all of my thoughts, ideas, and dreams for these women and putting them into an organized, linear story.  I had so much to stay, but I didn’t have the mental capacity to put it all together – that’s what I needed help with.  I needed someone who I trusted to hear my words and also be able to read between my words and FEEL my women in the same I do.  Lauren was able to really see and truly understand my tribe.  I didn’t have to explain anything to her. She just got it.  She was truly one of my people, so we immediately flowed and meshed together in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

I have always been so hesitant to trust anyone with my words.  I believed that I was the only one who could do this part of my business – but meeting Lauren changed that for me.  She was able to take all the love, beauty, hopes, and dreams I had in my head for my ideal clients and translate that into digestible and inspirational copy!  She nailed it – time and time again. Every time I read something she wrote for me, I found myself smiling, crying and nodding – in complete awe of how she simply “got” it.” – Julie Santiago

Yasemin sold more than double her goal for the number of spots at her live event!

“I have tried multiple copywriters for different launches for my online courses, masterminds and other digital products but no one was able to take my ideas, feelings and passion and word it the way I would. Lauren absolutely NAILED my voice. I entrusted her with one of my most precious projects: the copy for my sales page for my first live event. The copy reflected my personality 100%. The sales page copy turned out to be witty, thought-provoking and perfectly crafted.

My live event was a huge success with a completely sold-out room and most importantly, the messaging was able to bring me the best audience I could have ever wished for. Lauren is definitely a word wizard, friendly and really fun to work with.” – Yasemin Inal


I actually wondered if she had planted a mind-reading device in my brain and was able to read my actual thoughts!

From the moment I read a FB post written by Lauren, I knew this woman had such a special way with words. Her FB post  I ran across randomly actually made me reach out and message her privately because I had to know this woman who wrote such rich, vibrant, and inviting words. When I found out she wrote copy for a LIVING I thought, “Imagine what she could do for my business with that talent!”

The copy Lauren wrote for my business website was exquisite. She captured me so well in the snapshot of what I shared with her that when I read her finished copy I actually wondered if she had planted a mind-reading device in my brain and was able to read my actual thoughts. She wrote things that I thought and believed but yet I don’t know if I actually ever realized I thought or believed them until I read her words. And then I just thought to myself, “Yeah! She explains me way better than I could ever explain me! This is exactly who I am, only explained so much more clearly!” It’s amazing how a fabulous copywriter can bring out the most important parts of you for your audience to see.

Lauren is deep, insightful, caring, and connected to the process of what she creates for her clients and I am beyond delighted that I chose her to represent my words on my website. I recommend Lauren’s copywriting talent with highest regards to anyone looking for a copywriter who truly captures the essence, spirit, and vision of your business.” – Courtney Cope


Melissa+Pharr“I’ve been coaching Lauren for the past 6 months and reading the copy this girl generates is just plain RIDICULOUS (in a really awesome way)!! Lauren can capture the voice of her clients like no other.

I remember being on a session with her and thinking, “Jeez, as soon as we’re done coaching, perhaps I can work with Lauren to take over some of my copywriting!” And if you know me, you know I trust very few to lay a finger on my messaging.

I don’t know a better copywriter out there, with more enthusiasm, amazing energy, spunk, smarts, cleverness, and charisma. I would recommend her to anyone. Talk about bang for your buck! If you’re struggling to put what you do into magnetic language that SERIOUSLY sells, then for God’s sake please stop wasting your time and MONEY and get a hold of Lauren to pull your message out of you and get you makin’ moola like a baller!

If you haven’t noticed, she’s the one writing copy for many of the coaches who are killin’ it online. Get it? ;)”

– Melissa Pharr

Christina wants to buy her own products!

“Lauren is one of a kind. She miraculously turns thoughts into words that captivate and convert. Ever since my first time working with Lauren I was hooked. I wanted to buy my own products! You’d be crazy not to hire her. Her orientation pack alone and the clarity it provides are worth its weight in gold.”

– Christina Jandali


Diana+Mitchell“Before I hired Lauren, I was really struggling saying my message. I really needed to make money NOW and didn’t want to wait around trying to figure out what copy worked and what didn’t on my own.

I’m a damn good coach but clearly articulating the smaller details in an enticing way is just not my thing. When I hired Lauren, I felt relieved that I wasn’t responsible for that anymore.

A lot of her copy ideas were the ones that made me money. What’s more to love than that? I will for sure be using her in the future. So happy that I invested! Lauren, thank you for not only making me money when I REALLY needed it, but being there for me above what a typical copywriter does. I felt like you always had my back and supported me throughout that time. So grateful for you!”

– Diana Mitchell


“Lauren Vanessa Zink really is the Queen of Copy. I just got my first drafts back, and I’m 125% sure I’m hiring myself. Immediately.

Best. Money. Ever. Spent.

She’s fucking awesome. I loved her online personality and her general vibe.

I had seen some of her copywriting work and found it magnificent. I knew she was highly respected by some of the biggest names in coaching.  I knew she had done what I wanted to do, which was build a thriving online business that includes passive income.  I also knew she had helped many others do the very same thing with her ninja-like writing and marketing skills.

Then, when we finally talked on the phone, I knew we clicked instantly. Unlike some other coaches I had spoken to, she didn’t seem to have any agenda other than helping me achieve MY dream and MY vision. She made it clear that she understood what I was trying to build for myself and made amazing suggestions for how to go about just that.  I spoke to other coaches before who tried to talk me OUT of what I wanted to do and into something else that fit THEIR box. (That last part was unintentionally dirtier than I intended.) Also, it was really clear from the first second that she knows her shit.

She really listened to me.  Also, and this really stands out for me, she asked me REALLY amazing, good, probing questions about my business and ICA that helped me see that she understands WTF she’s doing and could help me iron out those details where I wasn’t super clear. It made me realize that I had some basic and intermediate skills, but she was rocking some Mr. Miagi-level knowledge that I really needed to learn.” – Kara Patrice


Jessica+Nazarali“Lauren gets great results for her clients. Not only does she help them with copy and communicating but also being brave and true to who they are as a woman as a business owner to enable them to get their message out into the world in a much bigger way.

I highly recommend working with Lauren if you need support in communicating your message as well as overcoming and fears or blocks that may be holding you back from releasing your business into the world.”

– Jessica Nazarali


Karen+Arrington“Lauren cranks out copy like J.K. Rowling on crack. She’s good! I mean really good. She has the #1 spot on my copywriting speed dial. When I received the first draft of the copy, I got chills. How could someone know me, speak in my voice, and know my audience so well? She’s just that good.”

– Karen Arrington


“A little while back I had a coach tell me that I shouldn’t hire a copywriter until I was 100% crystal clear on my messaging and branding.

But my gut (aka my intuition) was telling me otherwise. I listened to my inner wisdom and said a big YES to one of Lauren’s copywriting spots. What happened?

She, like magic, took everything I told her, and with her total genius (word, business and intuition) came up with messaging and copy that was so PERFECTLY and powerfully aligned with who I am and what I do!!

I was absolutely wow-ed at how my “work with me” page (among all others) literally described what I do to a T, made it sound so amazing I wanted to enroll, and she came up with the perfect title that is now my brand’s slogan!

She delivered way more than copy. It was branding, messaging, sales, authenticity and power! And now she’s a COACH?! Well, rightfully so. She has stepped into her true genius, power and potential. This lady has got it going on!!” – Jessica Forrest-Baldini


Anna+Gonclaves“Wow, thank you. You have really helped me in the greatest and unexpected of ways. You just really came straight into my heart and made me realize why I’m doing this and what the message is underneath it all. You’ve helped me show up, be of service and stand in my full power knowing that I can do this. Sharing what you do in writing helps create big shifts in people’s lives. It’s just really, really heartwarming.

Thank you. I’d love for other people to experience you, and what you’re doing in the world is just amazing. Thank you for everything and your unique support. You have been a true star and blessing.”

– Ana Goncalves


Liz+Azyan“I have to say, Lauren has done a really amazing job with my ‘About me’ page. She totally GOT ME.

The changes she made really helped me get over the hangups I had about myself. I SO did not even know how to start; it was very uncomfortable for me to write. I thought I just had to get it up there. People were actually asking me for it when I first launched the site. I even hid the link so it wasn’t noticeable! But all the nice touches Lauren put in to make the story flow were SOOOOO beautiful and just how I would do it. Thank you!”

– Liz Azyan


Jess+Bendien“Being a total amateur when it comes to writing website copy, I needed a keen eye to take a look at a first draft of all my pages. Jazzy pazazzy it up, Lauren did! She knew just the tweaks it needed. I feel super happy and confident now moving forward with my website design.

I really loved the useful notes she added as feedback too. They were brilliant suggestions for alternative copy, amendments and cheeky, catchy, punchy phrases and keywords—which were crucial for attracting a new audience and client base for my work.”

– Jess Bendien


Venus+Aviv“Girl, I don’t know how you did it, but you have seriously unleashed a torrent river of book writing creativity, pouring out of my brain and into my iPhone Note app!

I can’t type fast enough.

You set my brain on fire, you Mind Clarity Zen Ninja!”

– Venus Aviv


Chrissy+Lowe“Lauren’s been by my side since the start of my business, editing my content, providing me with copy I could only dream of, and rocking my socks with her wit and professionalism.

She helps me be me—but better.

Her Midas Touch on the copy for my newsletters, website and social media posts has allowed me to serve my clients at a level I wasn’t reaching without her help. Her content is cheeky but elegant, concise by meaningful. It sounds like me, but more polished. I know my business continues to grow because of what she does for me.”

– Chrissy Lowe


Kenetia+Lee“I’ve gotten so many compliments on my bio since you put her magic touch on it!

You are truly an amazing wordsmith. Thank you for shining your light. I can’t wait to hire you again.”

– Kenetia Lee


Dayna+House“Lauren Vanessa Zink is a freaking genius! After working with her on a course she’s got in the works, I expressed my frustration about creating a blog content calendar. In one sweet sentence, she gave me the inspiration to plan all of my posts for 2015. Beyond grateful to witness her genius. If you don’t follow her already, you should.”

– Dayna House


Jennifer+Thompson“I want to give a big shoutout for Lauren Vanessa Zink, who, with her copy coaching meant I was able to go bravely and launch my package this morning with a new, calm confidence in what I am releasing into the universe. Lauren, you rock!”

– Jennifer Thompson


Samantha+Cangelosi“I knew what message I wanted to share on my new program page, but I was having trouble putting it in a cohesive and captivating way so that potential clients could relate and want to read on, and eventually book a call with me. For that reason I knew I wanted to hire a copywriter. I had been looking to hire one for a while, but hadn’t found anyone I was interested in working with. My friend had mentioned that I check out Lauren’s work. After reading Lauren’s website, I knew I wanted to work with her! If she could get my copy any where near as good as her own I was going to be a happy camper.

Within one week of having the new copy up on my sales page, I’ve had more visitors than I’ve had in the past few months AND I already booked a discovery call from it!

To say I’m pleased with the work Lauren was able to create in just two days would be an understatement. She was able to capture my voice so perfectly that my friend even said, ‘This sounds just like something you’d say!’ BINGO! What more could you ask for when investing in a copywriter? Now, I’m no longer embarrassed to share my sales page! This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date.”

– Samantha Cangelosi