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There’s something about staring down a camera lens with parted lips and fingers all up in golden locks that says, “I’m a cosmic goddess with soul deep answers that unlock the universe for myself and anyone in my sphere. Want some?” Um, yes please! Lucky for us, Brooke Kalan has those answers — annnnnnnd she’s today’s podcast guest. So prepare to have your mind blown as we explore the intricate balance of feminine and masculine energy when growing a business, what the term “next level” means if you’re already making six or seven figures, and two questions to ask to discover your life’s purpose.


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In today’s episode, transformational life coach and guest, Brooke Kalan, is unpacking why you’re making the money you always dreamed of but still searching for soul-deep satisfaction.



How the coaching industry has evolved in the last four years.

The impact of Feminine and Masculine Energy in growing your business.

Money mistakes most entrepreneurs make when they hit six figures.

Why intuitive and soulful business owners often feel unfulfilled when they’re finally making loads of money.

What going to the “next level” means if you’re already making six and seven figures.

Three ways to clear space so that you’re available to realize the next level of who you are.

The question you need to ask your mom to help discover your life’s purpose.


Three things you need to breakup with to feel fulfilled in life and business

I’m about to tell you a story of things not usually spoken aloud. Are you ready?

In the middle of 2019, I woke up in my apartment and heard a woman’s voice. She was talking very clearly.

I lived by myself at the time and last time I checked Sphinx (my dog) doesn’t talk or sound like a woman when she barks. So...the only predictable explanation would be:

a) burglar


b) ghost

I see figures walk through my apartment on the reg, hear voices, catch glimpses of flashing lights, the works. Sometimes they’ll knock the magnetic poetry off the fridge or turn our dryer or radios on for no discernable reason. This is normal for me.

So, I decided to meet the ghost. (As one does.)

Turned off my white noise machine.
Followed the voice into my living room
And turned on the lights.


The voice went away immediately.

Not gonna lie, I was confused AF. Was I hallucinating? What was she saying? Did I miss something? What was I supposed to get from her visit? Should I not have turned the light on???

The rest of the night was a restless one, falling asleep only to wake up again and see lights buzzing around my head. I’m still not sure what that lady was trying to tell me, but I’m sure her lesson was this: If you want to walk into the next level of who you are and what you’re meant to experience and actualize in the world, you have to let go of the image of yourself you already understand — even if it’s scary.

How did I get that lesson from a voice in the middle of the night?!

Well a few days after that, I was on the phone with my mom, and I felt this sudden urge to tell her about my middle of the night voice experience. But still, I hesitated. My protector self was like, “Hold on Lauren, you can’t tell your mom that. What if she turns you into an asylum or something? Just play it safe, okay!”

Instead of listening to that voice, I just blurted out the whole story.

My mom laughed. It was the moment I thought all my fears of being a crazy person were coming true!!!! But then she said, “Just last week I was at a hotel with your dad. He went to run some errands, and I swear I heard a voice in the hallway. When I looked to see who it was...no one!”

Turns out hearing voices, seeing visions, and receiving from the universe is a common thing in my family (on BOTH sides). In fact, on my biological dad’s side, they give psychic readings and have premonitions. And my mom is a ghost magnet. Anytime she goes into a haunted building, BAM. There’s a ghost touching her. In fact, right now she has a ghost named Leah who she swears attached itself to her sleep apnea machine when she was staying in my San Diego apartment and took the trip back to Wisconsin with her. Leah sends her old timey dreams and visions and pitters around the house in the middle of the night.

But I never would have known these things if I hadn’t broken up with the “safe” version of myself and shared my own ghostly experience with my mom.

Believe it or not this happens to a lot of us in business...okay, maybe not hearing voices in the middle of the night or sleep apnea ghosts. But a lot of us reach this point where we’re making six or seven figures and WE’RE STILL ATTACHED TO OUR “SAFE” SELVES. And because we’re attached to our safe selves, our businesses just aren’t fulfilling.

So we set a higher income goal. We hit the higher income goal. And because it was never about the money, life still doesn’t feel right.

In a similar way to how not telling our mom about your ghostly visits makes us feel safe; we tell ourselves that reinvesting in our businesses, making more money, and repeating old systems will make us feel satisfied and fulfilled.

In my personal experience and the experience of today’s podcast guest, Brooke Kalan, who has coached millionaires, celebrities, and CEOs across the world, unlocking the pieces in ourselves that make us feel alive and fulfilled happen when we break up with the version of ourselves that got us this far — so that we can MEET the version of ourselves that will take us to the next level.

The Idea that the Next Level is Financial

Playing Cash Catch Up

Fear of Who You Truly Are

Bye bye, old. Hello, new.


Being all of who you are isn’t just about personality. It includes soul, cosmic force, and the energy you bring to the planet.

I was at a conference once where the host said, “None of you started your business for more money. You started it so that you could be who you really are.” I felt that.

Every day, on some level, my day job made me feel like I was a square peg in a round hole. I wasn’t free to express my creativity. So, yes, I started my business to make money. But I truly started my business so that I didn’t have to go to a job that made me feel like half of myself. I wanted to be free to be me.

Unabashed expression and authenticity is why I started my business!

So when you start to feel unfulfilled in your business that’s up and running, chances are good that you need to discern your life’s purpose. Here are two ways Brooke uses to help her clients find their purpose and shared on the podcast:

ONE: Ask god/universe source to show you who you are?

Engaging all your senses as you make yourself available for an answer is important. Your brain anchors things better if all your senses are engaged. So, create a high sensory place for yourself when asking this question. Think: music, wine, candles, something comfy to sit on, your favorite pen and journal.

When thoughts, words, visions come to your mind write them ALLLLLL down.

TWO: Ask people who have known you since you were a baby: What was I doing as a baby? What was I drawn to? What was I doing over and over again?

Uniting who you naturally are with your business is integral to unlocking your purpose.

Here’s how Brooke describes it: “Fusing purpose and passion with business for me means being super clear on what I as a human being really love doing. I have been dancing since I was a kid. Being in front of a camera makes me feel alive. Burlesque dance feels good to me. So every once in a while I have a camera crew follow me around on a normal day and I’m shifting a lot of my marketing content to being more video driven.”

In other words, you need to follow the things that you really love doing as a human in order to really achieve the things you want in business.

In Brooke Kalan’s words:

So pull up a chair and pour yourself a peach mimosa, grab a pen and journal (or borrow one of the 12 that are currently piled up on my ottoman), as we walk through the three things most six and seven figure entrepreneurs need to break-up with if they’re feeling less than fulfilled in their I-finally-made-it life:

At some point in our entrepreneur journey, we all had to get off the scarcity train and do something we’ve never done. For a lot of us, including myself and Brooke, it looked like, “I don’t have the money yet, but let me get the money from somewhere else so that I can invest in myself and create my future.”

Brooke made her staggering investment of 15k back in 4-5 weeks. She now calls it “playing catch up.” FInd the money, invest it, and catch up to it later.

It works in the beginning.

But then expenses start rolling in…
Photo shoots
Web designer
Social media coordinator
Podcast Manager
...the list goes on!

If you keep borrowing money and catching up to it, you might end up making six figures and having to borrow money to pay rent from a family member (*ahem* speaking from experience here). YIKES! Embarrassing. NEVER. Happening. Again.

In other words, while “playing catch up” was a good and worthy investment to get you off the ground, it’s not a sustainable strategy for a business that supports your lifestyle and empowers your dreams.

I’m not saying, “Don’t invest money back into your business.” If my parents know how much money I reinvest back into my business they would be like, “What is wrong with you? Save that cash!”

What I am saying is:

Feel good about the money you make. Make yourself a pretty little savings account (by pretty little, I mean a hefty chunk of moolah). Spend money on things that bring you joy outside of your business. Treat someone with a generous gift.

Oftentimes we spend money as soon as we get it or keep investing it back into our business because we feel bad about having lots of money. We’re like, “OMG I have a ton of money! I need to get rid of it so I don’t feel slimy or stuck up. What can I do with it to get rid of it? Here’s a Tesla!!!!”

Listen to me: You earned that money. You made that money by doing good work. You came by all that money because you helped people get what they wanted.

You’re allowed to sit with that money. You’re allowed to enjoy that money. You’re allowed to give that money to charities (Looking for one? We’ve recently chosen an organization to give a percentage of our Find Your Voice, Find Your Clients profits too. It’s called Black Market MultiMedia.) You’re allowed to save that money. You’re allowed to reinvest that money into your business. What you’re NOT allowed to do is feel shame for having a heck of a lot of money in your bank account because of the good work you did. Ya hear me?!

Brooke says, “If you’ve done the work of learning to love money and exploring who you are annnnnnnnd things still aren't budging, you need to get crystal clear about what you want all over again.”

What I mean by this is — you probably followed through on whatever it is you wanted in 2016. All the shifts happened. In other words, you mastered all the steps in Burlesque 101. Of course you’re feeling restless and unfulfilled. You’re ready for some more sexy moves! You have upleveled and your new self is ready to move forward.

So ask yourself, “What isn’t working for me right now? What doesn’t feel good? What do I really want NOW?”

Because you’re NOT 2016 you anymore.
You’re not 2017 you either.
Hell, with the way things are going, you’re probably not even LAST WEEK you anymore!!!

The Universal Source is very attentive to give us space to elevate financially but then disturb our souls so that we don't stop fighting to fulfill your life’s purpose. Here’s three things you need to know about this season:

First of all, don’t be disturbed by this restlessness.

Secondly, know that this season is a common experience, often acute, and known to catalyze powerful transformation. I, Lauren Vanessa Zink, took six months off of copywriting. Brooke went from being a business coach who talked about making money alllllllllll the time to being a life transformation coach who occasionally helps people make more money.

Finally, understand that this restless disconcerting season is the universe's way of saying: You’ve got the money. You’ve got the means. You’ve got the audience. It’s time to be a force of nature. It’s time to own your magic. It’s time to change the world.

You’re not JUST meant for the six-figure or seven-figure business.

You’re meant for literally changing the planet.

I always assumed the next level meant $100k cash months. For some people it was, but for a lot of us “the next level” was about really opening up to the reason we’re on this planet. If you feel like you’re making a bunch of money but life still isn’t working, it’s probably time to let go of old goals and strategies to pursue your life’s purpose. 

It’s okay to stand in your power.
It’s okay to own your specific kind of magic.
It’s okay to be very unique in the magic you deliver.

Do you feel good about the money you make? What do you think your next level in business is? If tonight you broke up with the fear of being who you truly are how would you show up differently tomorrow?

Brooke Kalan is an internationally renowned Coach, Leader and Catalyst who takes leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to the next level.

Her clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds - entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, lawyers, scientists, producers, healers, musicians, doctors, parents, CEOs, millionaires and students.
The work Brooke does isn’t just “coaching.” It is rapid, highly transformative work that activates, elevates and accelerates her clients. It’s laser-focused Intuitive support, Spiritual Mentoring, energy work, expert strategy and accountability that changes the trajectory of their lives forever.

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