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Sit back. Pour yourself an iced coffee. Kick up your feet. Maybe get the cabana boy to rub your shoulders a little. I know how hard you work.

And I know it would feel really, reeeeally delicious to let a professional take over your words for awhile. 

After all, you’re scaling now, babe. You don’t have the time — or the desire, frankly — to do it all yourself any longer. 

You want to stay focused on your mission. 

You want to serve your people.

You want to create, coach and inspire. 

And in order to do that, you’ve got to focus your energy on the stuff you love doing...and that isn’t copywriting. 

(It’s cool. I’m not offended.)

 So... Have
we met yet?

I'm Lauren,

and I get paid to write the words that make the sale. My jam is helping you sell yours — in a way that captures hearts and credit card information. 

My magic is capturing your voice, tapping into your inner fire, feeling the same deep emotions your client feels, and packaging it all together into sales copy that stands out online.

We like people. Especially people who are:

 Million dollar love coaches who live for A Course In Miracles 

 Mindset coaches with crystals in their bra and multiple 6-figures in the bank

European green juice fanatics who are equal parts spiritual and strategic 

 Business coaches with secret tattoos and a reiki practitioner on call 

 Londoners with big hearts and big visions for the world 

 Boss bitches living in Bali with COMMUNITIES in the 50,000’s 

What kind of magic can we make together?
Here’s what                            lady bosses hire me for: .


"Lauren is a ninja when it comes to copy and getting your words to sparkle! I totally believe that working with her resulted in doubling our numbers in our last launch and having our first six figure launch - SO delighted to have her on my team. Thank you, Lauren."

 - Patricia Lohan 

"I have always been so hesitant to trust anyone with my words. I believed that I was the only one who could do this part of my business – but meeting Lauren changed that for me. She was able to take                                                               I had in my head for my ideal clients and translate that into digestible and inspirational copy! She nailed it – time and time again. Every time I read something she wrote for me, I found myself smiling, crying and nodding – in complete awe of how she simply ‘got’ it."

 - julie santiago 

and dreams

all the love, beauty, hopes,

"Slay. This sales page is so freaking good. You crushed it. I think it's ahhhmazzing (as you always do). I am straight up OBSESSED with the whole thing. P.S. Do you want to be a guest expert for my program? The world needs you."

 - sabrina philipp 

Some kind words!

What kind of magic can we make together?
Here’s what                            lady bosses hire me for: .


What kind of magic can we make together?
Here’s what                            lady bosses hire me for: .

• Spankin’ new website copy that captures your audience’s attention the second they step through your digital front door
• Signature sales pages for whatever you’re launching, so you can call in your buyers while still in your pajama pants (business on top, party on the bottom)
• Sales emails that drive your customers from your inbox to their wallets 



A day rate means you’re buying a chunk of my time, not necessarily a finished product. It allows us to CO-CREATE something magical — and because I do all the work on the day you book, it also means you don’t have to wait to receive what we cooked up. (Unless, like, a meteor hits my apartment building or something. I hear one’s coming super close to Earth in 2020.) 

1. We meet up on Zoom in the morning, and I hardcore interview you. Who are your clients? Why are you special? What’s your bedroom look like? Tell me a joke. 

2. Then I disappear for the day and strategize, map things out, and write. 

3. At the end of the day, I deliver whatever was completed. 

4. That’s it. 

5. Seriously, that’s it. There are no edits included with day rates. Most of my clients don’t need them anyway ;) You simply take whatever was written and sprinkle your own magic into it, if you feel like it needs it. Or you can send it over to your designer to start working THEIR magic into it. 

It’s hard to know how much copy can be completed in a single day, because it depends on the project, right? But here’s a solid estimation. 

Here’s how your copy day plays out: 

You need me to review a sales page you’ve already written? That’s one day.
You need me to write your website? That’s probably two days (maybe three). 
You need me to write a solid sales page for your signature offer? That’s two days. 
You need me to write a short nurture email sequence? That’s one day.
You need me to write a launch email sequence? That’s approximately two days. 

You get the picture. One day = some copy. Two days = a whole lot more copy. 

“So tell me your rates already!” you’re screaming. Ok, ok, calm down. 

One day is $2,500. You PROBABLY need more than one day, but I could be wrong. 

P.S. I only sell ONE DAY PER WEEK. That means if you’re like, “OMG, I needed copy two weeks ago. I should call Lauren!” you’re already too late. My best (and richest) clients are the ones who are planning at least two launches in advance, babe. 


I’ll be the one writing your copy. No agency model here!

When I’m booked (and I often am), I’m booked. I can’t bend time to add 18 more hours to my day. Yet. *Cackles like a witch*

High Vibe copy takes high-vibe energy.

Almost all of my clients come from referrals. I love forever relationships!

I come with more than just a pen. I come with a brain. That brain comes with ideas. And those ideas lead to profit. When we work together, it’s like having a creative director + branding person + marketing expert + snappy possible genius on your team.

I may not take you on as a client. I’m pretty darn clear about who will love what I write + see results and who won’t. If you’re in the second camp, I won’t hesitate to refer you to someone who’s a better fit. I want you to have the best copy possible, even if it isn’t with me. 

Since we’re getting to know each other, I should also tell you:

Listen, I get that before you invest, you want to see
Here are some of the wins my clients and I are celebrating (*Confetti toss*): 

 rock solid results 

Sabrina grew into a million dollar brand in less than a year
So did Luisa
Oh, and Maru became a million dollar brand too
And Patricia had her first-ever 6-figure launch
Aaaaaand then her second-ever 6-figure launch
Yasemin sold out her event
Then Julie sold out her program
Cait’s scaling like a freaking mofo (Half a mil and counting so far this year)

Want to see samples? Click on the copy carousel to view.

Apply to become a private copy client
The next step is you filling out this application. 


“Lauren is one of a kind. She miraculously turns thoughts into words that captivate and convert. Ever since my first time working with Lauren I was hooked. I wanted to buy my own products! You’d be crazy not to hire her. Her orientation pack alone and the clarity it provides are worth its weight in gold.”

 - Christina Jandali 

Christina wants to buy her own products

“A little while back, I had a coach tell me that I shouldn’t hire a copywriter until I was 100% crystal clear on my messaging and branding… But my gut (aka my intuition) was telling me otherwise…

I listened to my inner-wisdom and said a big YES to one of Lauren’s copywriting spots, and what happened? She, like magic, took everything I told her, and with her total genius (word, business & intuition) came up with messaging and copy that was so PERFECTLY and powerfully aligned with who I am and what I do!!

I was absolutely wow-ed at how my ‘work with me page’ among all the others literally described what I do to a T, and made it sound so amazing that even I wanted to enroll! And she came up with the perfect title that is now my brand’s slogan!

She delivered way more than copy - it was branding, messaging, sales, authenticity and power. Whether she’s writing for you or coaching you, she has stepped into her true genius, power and potential.”

 - Jessica Forrest-Baldini 

Jessica got copy that was perfectly and powerfully aligned with who she is and what she does

“If you’ve been in the online world for any amount of time, you know how important the RIGHT words are to your bottom line...good copy can mean the difference between sale after sale sales at all.

One of my worst best-kept secrets is my go-to copywriter Lauren Vanessa Zink. And that’s simply because I can’t help but recommend her to anyone who asks, because no one else compares.

I’m not a natural whiz with words, and creating content for me can sometimes be incredibly slow and painful, so when I need help turning my feelings and thoughts that resonate with my audience, I turn to Lauren.
She’s my go-to lady who’s helped me convert my words into emails that score 30-50% open rates, posts that get hundreds of comments and likes, and the writing that has had so many women sharing with me that it felt like I was speaking just to them.

If you’ve been struggling to get your FEELINGS into words that just won’t fall in line the way you want them to, or looking for a way to boost your bottom line, look no further.”

 - Luisa Zhou 

Luisa’s emails get 30%-50% open rates

“Lauren is awesome. She is just awesome. I remember when I got my home page copy back, I was just thrilled I like fell off my chair. I had been struggling with my home page copy for a while, and she really helped me bang it out in a way that I just adored. I really, really loved it.

It gave me the confidence to start putting my website out there more and sending people to my website because I knew I had awesome copy that was going to captivate them.

What happened was I actually changed directions with my business and my coaching, and that’s why I hired Lauren to help me with that transition. I was really able to have financial success and get booked out for clients out for the next 3 months. And it all had to do with this compelling, really awesome copy that was on my website.

Previous to this people were just logging right off my website. My home page sucked. And after the new copy, I really captivated people, got people on calls and now I’m booked. I think the home page copy definitely helped me hook the new people in. Previously people weren’t really getting it. They would land on my home page and it was just like “What does this girl do?” and Lauren was able to get me to this place where it felt good. People knew as soon as they landed on my page exactly what I did and how I could help them. I have reached over 6 figures in my business since January since I got the new copy. So that has been really great.”

 - Jenn Scalia 

Jenn got booked out for several months at a time

“My guess is... you are looking for a copywriter who can feel you, your brand, your hard work and your dreams? A copywriter who can relate to your struggles, sleepless nights, good and bad days, celebrating every single sale, and can whip up copy that will double, triple, and multiply your conversions? A copywriter who will deliver you amazingly written copy that your competitors will envy? Am I right?

In that case - Lauren is your girl.

Lauren is very talented, reliable, creative, super sweet and truly amazing copywriter, who will focus on bringing up on your personality and multiplying your sales.

Lauren went above and beyond to deliver the perfect copy for my sales page and sales emails. I'm extremely happy with the results and recommend her to anyone looking to create the business of their dreams!”

 - Viktoria Portyannykova 

Viktoria got the perfect copy for her sales page

“Lauren really helped me find my voice because one of the toughest things for me was writing copy that really speaks to my ideal clients.

With Lauren's help, I was able to make my ideal clients feel like they are in the right place and fill my Program consistently with clients who are a perfect match for my Coaching Program.

I highly recommend working with Lauren to anyone who is looking for help with high-level copywriting. She is the go-to expert!”

 - Reelika Schulte 

Reelika consistently fills her program now

“I had the ultimate pleasure of working with Lauren on my website copy. She helped me with my home page and my “My Story” page. The entire process was new to me—I had never even thought of hiring someone to do my copy. I had done all my copy myself. It was such a headache, and it wasn’t really translating into what I truly wanted. It wasn’t portraying me, and through working with Lauren I now have this home page that I am excited to share. A homepage that I feel really hones in on my true voice, and Lauren was able to do that. Working with Lauren is this really cool process where she takes you in and you fill out a questionnaire that digs deep into who you are and then you have a session with her. I don’t know what type of magic she pulls, but she’s able to take from that session and that paper work your true voice. What I ended up with was something truly spectacular. I am so proud of my home page copy, and I am so excited to show it off. For anyone who’s on the fence about working with Lauren, I say hire here. She has a gift of being able to really embody her client’s voices and rally that into copy, beautiful copy. So hire her. She’s amazing.”

 - ruby fremon 

Ruby has a home page she actually wants to show off 

“I have tried multiple copywriters for different launches for my online courses, masterminds and other digital products but no one was able to take my ideas, feelings and passion and word it the way I would. Lauren absolutely NAILED my voice. I entrusted her with one of my most precious projects: the copy for my sales page for my first live event. The copy reflected my personality 100%. The sales page copy turned out to be witty, thought-provoking and perfectly crafted.

My live event was a huge success with a completely sold-out room and most importantly, the messaging was able to bring me the best audience I could have ever wished for. Lauren is definitely a word wizard.”

 - Yasemin Inal 

Yasemin sold out her live event

“After only 20 minutes, Lauren had me thinking about my copy in a whole new way. During our session we went through my existing work with me page copy, and Lauren made really tangible and easy-to-implement suggestions. What I really loved about her style was that she actually explained the why behind the changes, and this was really important because it left me feeling inspired and empowered to go and take a look at other copy—copy on my website, my emails to my wonderful community, my blog posts, my Facebook posts. If you’re thinking about revamping the copy that you already have or having new copy created or you’re interested in how to write copy in a better way, I highly highly highly recommend the lovely and talented Lauren Vanessa Zink.”

 - Nicole Jackson 

Nicole feels inspired and empowered around her copy now

"Lauren cranks out copy like J.K. Rowling on crack. She's good! I mean really good. She has the #1 spot on my copywriting speed dial. When I received the first draft of the copy, I got chills. How could someone know me, speak in my voice, and know my audience so well? She's just that good."

 - Karen Arrington 

Karen got chills after reading her copy

“From the moment I read a FB post written by Lauren, I knew this woman had such a special way with words. Her FB post I ran across randomly actually made me reach out and message her privately because I had to know this woman who wrote such rich, vibrant, and inviting words. When I found out she wrote copy for a LIVING I thought, "Imagine what she could do for my business with that talent!"

The copy Lauren wrote for my business website was exquisite. She captured me so well in the snapshot of what I shared with her that when I read her finished copy I actually wondered if she had planted a mind-reading device in my brain and was able to read my actual thoughts. She wrote things that I thought and believed but yet I don't know if I actually ever realized I thought or believed them until I read her words. And then I just thought to myself, "Yeah! She explains me way better than I could ever explain me! This is exactly who I am, only explained so much more clearly!" It's amazing how a fabulous copywriter can bring out the most important parts of you for your audience to see.

Lauren is deep, insightful, caring, and connected to the process of what she creates for her clients and I am beyond delighted that I chose her to represent my words on my website. I recommend Lauren's copywriting talent with highest regards to anyone looking for a copywriter who truly captures the essence, spirit, and vision of your business.”

 - Courtney Cope 

Courtney has copy that explains her better than she ever could have

“How do you become the “It” coach in your industry?

In one year, I went from earning $1860 in my life coaching business to having multiple 5-figure months — still life coaching. I received multiple invites to speaking engagements, telesummits, and podcast interviews. I was invited to private masterminds with some of the top leaders in the online and offline worlds. People would constantly say to me, ‘You are killing it’ and ‘You are everywhere.’

What happened?

I hired Lauren. Seriously.

In February 2015, I hired Lauren to do my entire site, and I am STILL getting invitations to speaking gigs, summits, and discovery calls JUST FROM MY WEBSITE. I get compliments all of the time from people I meet in person and online about how engaging my website is — all because of Lauren’s copy.

She is a truly magical copywriter. She somehow makes words sound like YOU.”

 - Alionka Polanco 

Alionka grew to 5-figure months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s a copywriter and how can it help my business?
A: Copywriters write the words that make the sale. You want sales? Then we should jam.

Q: How long have you been doing this work?
A: I’ve been racking up those expert hours since 2013, baby. That’s a lot of launches, websites, funnels, opt-in pages, and sales emails for one human to write. And a lot of caffeine consumed if we’re keeping it real.

Q: Will you coach me?
A: Yes, right here.

Q: What’s your dog’s name?
A: Sphinx, and she’d love it if you came over to pet her. 

Oh, you're still here?

Then you should probably click this pretty button and apply to be a private copy client. Because you’re obviously drawn to working together. (Unless you’re a spy, and you just want to find out more about me + how I work. In which case, I’LL NEVER TELL! MWAH HA HA)