You have a really amazing idea for a product, program or service, and you need people to actually buy it. Because, you know, money. So, it’s time to launch.

But how do you create enough urgency in your launch so that people are actually excited enough to buy from you when you put your offer out there?

Number one

Remember why you’re doing this.

I hear from entrepreneurs all the time who are scared to sell, but you need to remember that selling is in service to the world. Whatever it is that you’re putting out there is going to change people’s lives in some way.

Whenever I’m creating something I ask myself, “Does this create wealth for other people?” Wealth doesn’t have to be money specifically. Wealth can be time or a feeling. It can be creating a richer life. It can be giving them love. It can be giving them a better body.

If you have created something that makes someone’s life better, then it’s in service to the world for you to sell it, and creating a sense of urgency gets people off the fence and gets them buying now, changing more lives faster.


Number two

Limited spots

Another way you can create urgency in your launch is by having a limited number of spots. This works really well for group programs, but you can also do this with infoproducts or physical products. Letting your audience know that you have a certain number of spots and your time is valuable can urge people to take action. Maybe you’re running a beta launch of something small, and you only want to have 5 people in there because that’s the perfect size for this program. If that’s the perfect way for people to learn, that’s great. Nobody says that your programs have to sell 100, 200, 1,000 spots. Five spots can still be a sold-out program.

Letting people know you’re only taking on a certain number of people gets them excited, sending in their applications, and hitting that buy button.


Number three

Pricing strategies

Many of my clients will do Early Bird pricing for a couple of days right when their carts open. They’ll knock several hundred dollars, maybe even thousands off the regular price. Having a lower price gets people pumped to invest in your program right away. Note: For this to work, you actually DO need to change the price on the date you say you’re going to. Otherwise you’re training your people to think you don’t follow through on your word.


Number four

Limited time bonuses

If you’ve ever been on a marketing webinar (and I’m sure you probably have), you’ll notice there’s always something offered up at the end to entice people to buy right then and there. Usually, this is giving some kind of bonus program or service in addition to the thing that you’re selling.

One of my coaches + clients, Christina Jandali, refers to this as the football phone strategy. Back in the day, when you called in to order a magazine subscription, they would also gift you an extra thing — like a football phone. You can apply the same concept to your launch today by gifting your audience with an extra something-something if they buy within a certain timeframe.


Number five

Paint a word picture

Since I’m a professional word nerd, this one happens to be my favorite. For this strategy, go ahead and paint a picture of what their life is going to be like if they don’t invest in your thing. Think one month out, five months out, five years from now, what does their life look like if they haven’t bought your product, program or service? What does that feel like? What does that smell like? What does that sound like? What does it taste like to NOT actually have invested? How is their life going to be? Will it be the same? Or maybe it will be worse?

There you have it, folks! Five ways you can add urgency to whatever it is you happen to be launching <3

Big love and better copy,

Lauren Vanessa Zink


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