Okay, you don’t actually have to be a lover to use this copy tips…although you probably are! Because anybody who loves anybody is a lover — myself included.

So, how do you create a sensual experience in your sales copy and why do you even want to? Today’s techniques are based on neuro-linguistic programming. Neuro-linguistic programming is the idea that the words that we use can influence the behavior of the people around us.

NLP is something that a lot of copywriters will employ when they’re creating sales copy, so they can really make their audience feel the experience of whatever it is they’re selling.

“How do you do that, Lauren?” you’re asking. (I can read your mind.)

You tap into people’s senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, sound. You actually want to use feeling words for every sense inside your copy.

Hypothetically, let’s say I am selling a program that helps you earn money online. If I wanted to express the benefits of this program, while making you experience them in your body, I might say something like, “You’ll be able to feel the warm sun on your face as you run your business from a laptop in Bali.”

I might say something like, “You’ll be able to hear the ka-ching of the PayPal ding on your phone every time you make a sale.”

I might say something like, “Think about the bubbles on your tongue as you toast to your success when you finally have your six-figure launch.”

I might focus on the leather of the purse under your arm that you’re able to buy once you have a successful business.

All of those very tiny details actually place the person who’s reading your copy inside the experience of having the result that you are selling to them —  which makes them excited to not only continue reading but potentially, to invest in the thing that you’re selling.

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