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Wealth is amazing, and it does BEAUTIFUL things for the world if you let it. In today’s episode, Sonya, once a starving artist and now an intuitive wealth coach, is drawing back the curtains on what it means to embrace the true definition of wealth, what a money story is, and the first three steps of curating your own energy to attract extraordinary wealth. If it feels like no matter what you do, your income just won’t increase (been there!), this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.


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Our guest today Sonya Highfield is dishing up the straight wisdom on how to rewrite your existing money story, so you can unlock HOLISTIC wealth. (That’s like wealth in every area of your life and business — brought in in a way that feels scrum-diddly-umptious.) 



The true definition of wealth and why it’s not what you think

How holistic wealth is different than regular wealth (and why you toooootally want it)
Sonya’s journey from starving artist to holistic wealth creator

What is a money story, how do you get one, and how do you rewrite yours

The first two steps every woman needs to take to start creating holistic wealth for herself

Why good people doing good work should feel good about making good money


Three steps to attracting extraordinary wealth

8-time grammy winner. Cutting-edge. Entrepreneur. Bad Bitch. Philanthropist. Executive director. Fashion icon. Actress. Face of the 2014 Viva Glam campaign.

Who am I describing?


Only one of my most inspirational muses.

RiRi herself.

At just 32 years old, Rihanna made history not once, but three times: the only solo artist to have 14 no.1 singles, the first female artist to sell out ten concerts at London’s o2 arena, and achieve her second consecutive #1 album. (Not that we read her official bio or anything…)

I admire Rihanna the most because she is FEARLESS in her desires. She wants to launch a fashion line that features inclusive models on its runways? She does it. She wants to shun her good-girl look and come out as the divine sovereign Queen she is? Boom. Done. She wants you to give her that money? BITCH, YOU BETTER.
Rihanna dares to stay true to herself and her craft. She oozes confidence and pushes the boundaries of music and fashion. She knows what she loves. She creates and displays her work with boldness. And the world loves her for it. Like, 14 no.1 singles loves her for it. (And you thought being wild was a liability. Oh, sweet thing. *pat pat*)

The thing is — a few years ago, I would’ve agreed that parts of ourselves need to be “toned down” if we want to strike it rich. (Whoops. We’re all doing our best. My best 3 years ago is far from my best now.) And unsurprisingly, my income was a reflection of that.

I was stalled out at 6 figures. Not that 6 figures is an income to be ashamed of. But I also knew I wanted more.

Now I’m on track to 5X my income this year.

What shifted?

The way I thought about money.

I went from “Money is scary, and if I have any, everyone’s gonna want to take it from me” to charging $3K a day as a copywriter.

Most of us don’t realize that we have a lot of subconscious stories about money playing in the background of our thoughts. We leave our money confidence in the dressing room with the rest of our clothes. We don’t open our wallets like we desire to book that trip to Morocco, and we don’t send invoices to our clients as if we deserve to be paid for our work.

The world is waiting for us to come from a place of love for the work we’re doing, the people we serve, and the money we make. And if we want to love our work, we’ve got to love money too.

Otherwise, we’re a stressed out bunch of starving artists, and I’ve got to tell you, sis — that’s a myth I do NOT want to perpetuate.

While we’re drooping our heads begging permission to show up in our power, Rihanna’s over there topless, covered in tats, writing a song that makes her feel alive. Probably got someone eating whipped cream off her neck while she watches it all play out in the mirror with a sly smile on her face too. That seems like the sorta thing a bad bitch would do.

That own-ingness is the difference between her 14 no.1 singles and your no sales.

Rihanna’s not asking. She’s stepping into the wealth of creativity already given to her and making record-breaking magic.

Wealth doesn’t flow to you because you’re politely asking for it. The world has ALREADY offered it to you. All you have to do is be bold enough to pick it the fuck up.

Become Aware

Get Curious


Why do I feel this way?
Why am I thinking this?
Why am I in this position?

The true meaning of wealth, according to Sonya, is the condition of well being.

She says, “When you look at wealth with this perspective, being wealthy becomes an inspiring and inclusive goal. Meaning, going after the big bucks is awesome, but it also means I’m not ignoring my body, my relationships, or my brain. Everything has to be in well being to truly have wealth.”

This definition of wealth also means it’s gonna look different for each person.

Sonya’s definition of well being boils down to a single question, “How much joy do I feel on a daily basis within myself and the way I'm living?”

Your definition of wealth might be, “How many rescue dogs can I adopt before I officially become a dog shelter myself?”

Or “How often can I travel first-class back and forth to Italy?”

Or “How quickly can I pay my debt?”

Or “How much do I need to earn to retire my hubs?”

Or “Exactly how much money do I need to back the political candidate I wholeheartedly believe needs to be in The White House?”

My definition of wealth looks like: 

-Having a house that I love that allows me to express myself boldy and freely. Tinsel walls! Space to make music! Trampolines! Room to meditate!

-Having the funding to provide jobs to other women and supporting them in their expansion as well

-Time to spend with my girlfriends, doing girly things like getting our nails done and going to brunch. Yeah, I’m a little basic. So what?

-Having a nice safety net in the bank.

-Creating opportunities for creative expression (ie, siiiiinging! And lately, cooking, which is brand new to me. My boyfriend thinks I’m a “supertaster.” I can smell the herbs he’s using from 2 rooms away.)

-Sephora shopping sprees on the reg

-Annnnnd travel!

My library's definition of wealth is a library card and a passport (it’s literally carved into the wall).

Clarifying what wealth means TO YOU allows you to pursue abundance with intention. Do you think Rihanna just woke up one day and thought, “I’m gonna be a renowned singer?” I mean, maybe. You’d have to ask her. But more likely, she spelled out what that goal looked like. She chased down producers. She sang her heart out. She performed like hell. She didn’t just say, “I want this career.” She HUNTED DOWN that career.

Get clear on what you want. Spell it out. Pursue it intentionally.

When I was 8 years old, my mom packed whatever she could into a station wagon and drove away my brother and I from our abusive home. She dreamt of a new life for herself — one that wasn’t filled with screaming hallway fights, kids cowering beneath hair brushes wielded as weapons, and money secretly stolen at midnight to go buy packs of cigarettes.

Did my mom HAVE massive wealth available to make those moves?

Not that I’m aware of. In fact, many years later, I’m still not sure how she pulled it off.

Two small kids. No child support. A dog. Part of a mortgage. And a trailer converted into a small home (rented). All on a nurse’s salary.
The first Christmas in our new house, we turned a cardboard box into a fireplace.

Those sort of memories will imprint a sort of money energy on your emotional being. It will spell out definitions of what’s possible (or not) in your psyche. It will teach you about resilience and grit and braveness...but it will also show you that life — and marriage — and money — are a minefield.

Money can be very intimidating and scary if you’ve never had it before. But it’s important to understand that money is a neutral energy, meaning it is neither good or bad. It’s like a rock. You can use a rock to build a home that provides a safe haven for families, or you can use it to throw at someone and hurt them. What you choose to DO with the rock makes it good or bad.

It’s the same with money. You can use money to build an orphanage. You can also use money to pay someone to kill another person. The actions you take with money make it good or bad. Similarly, the emotions that you attach to money make money good or bad in your mind.

Money is neutral. So what you feel about money and the way you use money is linked to how you think about money. The first step to changing your relationship with anything is identifying the current status of your relationship.

So, get curious. Sonya calls this “toddler mode.” Question everything.

“What thoughts did I have about money today? Where did those thoughts come from? What NEW thoughts do I want to have about money tomorrow?”

Every time you have an interaction with money or a thought comes up around money ask yourself “why.”

Give yourself the space to answer these questions or just sit with whatever answers come up. Become aware of how you feel when you pay a bill, invoice a client, or someone treats you to lunch.

If you’re ready to take curiosity about your relationship with money to a whole new level, try this assignment:

Write down every memory you have of money, especially the emotionally charged memories. Be specific about the emotions you experienced. Just witness them and become aware of them. No judgement. Just seek to understand yourself.

Look around your room and name one object that wasn’t touched by an artist. You can't, can you? From the table, to the frames holding your pictures, and the paint color on your wall, there are fingerprints of artists all over your house. Fingerprints of artists who made money doing their work.

Why do you think of yourself any less worthy of making money for the work you do and the beauty you bring into the world than they are?

If you’re a good person and you’re doing good work in the world, then you making money HELPS the rest of the world.

There is only good from you making more money.

It’s time to SHIFT out of the idea that there is something bad, or greedy, or negative, about spiritually creative people making good money in the world.

And it’s time to SHIFT INTO a place of for your work, love for the people you serve with your work, and love for making money with your work.

This is the part where Rihanna dares to stay true to herself and her craft and doesn’t discount her concert tickets. And the world loves her for it! Loves it like, 10 sold out London o2 arenas.

You were born to be an unstoppable success magnet, too. Dare to stay true to yourself and your work. Love the people you serve and the money you make serving them. Open your wallet like you’re supposed to spend it on that plane ticket. Send invoices to your clients like you’re supposed to be making this kind of money. And market your business like you’re doing epic transformational work. Because you are!

Take the pressure off.
You don’t have to know everything about money.
Get curious and come from a place of love.

Who’s ready to create holistic wealth in their lives? 

If you’re ready to shift the way you think about money so that you’re attracting wealth financially, physically, relationally, and mentally, sit tight. Sonya Highfield, holistic wealth creation goddess, is joining me in The Wealthy Word to bring you the three things you need to do today to unearth your subconscious money stories, find your money confidence, and attract extraordinary wealth:

Come from Love

Sonya provides intuitive business & mindset coaching, facilitates mindful movement & meditation, and hosts women's spiritual business retreats (Expansive Experiences). Her unique blend of intuitive, logical and savvy coaching is a powerful approach to guiding creative women entrepreneurs to take a holistic look at their lives and businesses. Her clients love her work for gentle yet radical mindset shifts, boosting calm and confident action taking, increased ease around wealth, and encouraging more joy in their lives!
When she’s not working Sonya loves to travel, expand her spiritual practice, watch her husband cook, and search for the perfect margarita.

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